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Run of the Mill - 6 Hour Ultra

Presented by Performance Race Services and Gwinnett Parks Foundation

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Performance Race Services and the Gwinnett Parks Foundation are proud to host the first 6 hour ultra footrace at Tribble Mill park on November 18, 2017.  


*Some of the below information is subject to slight changes*

About the Race: The race will be a 6 hour timed event starting at 7:00 AM and end at 1:00 PM. The runners will complete as many laps around the lake during that time. Your total distance will be based on the number of COMPLETED MILES (this has been updated from completed laps. We will have mile markers for you to put a flag by).


**If there is a tie for the number of miles, the winner will be determined on the quickest overall time completing the last full lap.

The course:  The Course is on a paved trail that winds around the beautiful lake at Tribble Mill and is 2.85 Miles long (this distance is measured based on staying in the right lane and not crossing over the middle white line).

Bathrooms:  There will be heated bathrooms at the Start/Finish area.

Aid Station:  There is one fully stocked aid station at the Start/Finish area just past the timing mats.  Depending on temperature there will be various hot and cold foods and soups.  If you feel like you need additional fluids during the run, please make plans to carry a bottle.


**If we do offer soup, throw away your cup in a trash can at the aid station or carry it till you can find one.  If you are caught littering you will be disqualified.

Gear/Set up:  We have a large area for runners to set up a canopy/tent/chair if you like.  We understand that it can be nice to take a seat for a bit during the race.

Awards: Top Male / Female overall and Top Master Male / Female.  Everyone who participates will receive a custom Run of the Mill Medal

After Party:   Stick around after the race is over and enjoy some food on the grill under the pavilion.  **We do not have a menu yet, but hamburgers, hot dogs or grilled cheese always sounds good after a little run.

Alcohol:  Since this is a park facility, no alcohol is permitted.  If you need some after, please make plans with friends to hang out at one of the local pubs or restaurants.  

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

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